Choose the right plan for your family

With Zillum, you can meet all your family's communication and collaboration needs with just one subscription.

  • Mail
  • WorkDrive
  • Cliq
  • Office Suite
  • Vault

How many members do you have?

per year

75GB (25 GB email storage for each member)

500 GB combined WorkDrive storage for the family

per year

125 GB (25 GB email storage for each member)

1 TB combined WorkDrive storage for the family

per year

250 GB (25 GB email storage for each member)

2 TB combined WorkDrive storage for the family


or start a 15-day free trial



What do I get with Zillum?

  • Custom domain for your family
  • Shared calendars
  • Social media-style communication
  • Group emails
  • Customizable policies and access levels
  • Effective spam control policies
  • Individual and family spaces
  • Shared family folders
  • Customizable roles and permissions
  • External file sharing
  • Advanced activity history
  • File ownership transfer
  • Unlimited private and family channels
  • One-on-one audio and video calls
  • Message-specific reminders
  • Easy, instant file sharing
  • Group audio and video calls
  • Data encryption at transit and rest
Office Suite
  • Zoho Writer for document creation
  • Zoho Sheet for spreadsheet management
  • Zoho Show for presentation creation
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Comments and tracked changes for instant reviews
  • Simple document distribution
  • One secure place to save all passwords
  • Customizable roles for family members
  • Sharing for common passwords
  • Timely password reset alerts
  • Periodic data backup
  • Continuous activity monitoring

Why is Zillum the perfect fit for your family?

Pay for what you use

Based on the number of people in your family, choose from among our three plans, and pay just for what you need.

One person to manage the family

Let one person in your family take control of the subscription management, administrative responsibilities, and activity monitoring.

Mobile access for all apps

Stay connected with your family on the go with fully featured mobile apps for each product in the Zillum plan.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many people can use the Zillum bundle?

    According to your subscription, groups of either 3, 5 or 10 can use the Zillum bundle.

  • Is my data safe?

    We’re serious about keeping your data safe and secure. Our facilities feature stringent 24/7 security with video monitoring, biometric access, and advanced fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. Our network security system employs the latest encryption standards, as well as intrusion detection and prevention technologies.

  • What modes of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. We also accept payment via NEFT bank transfers. For more details, please contact

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes, Zillum comes with a 15-day free trial, after which you have to move to a plan that best suits your family's needs.

  • Am I bound to Zoho by contracts?

    Zillum is an annual payment service. This means there are no long-term contracts. You can choose to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any time from the Subscription Settings in Zillum.

  • I am an existing Zoho user. Can I access Zillum using the same credentials?

    If you are a registered Zoho business user, you cannot use the same credentials to access Zillum. Please sign up using a different email address and contact number.

  • What should I do if I run out of storage?

    Zillum offers add-on storage which you can buy on top of your existing plan.