One space for your family.

Zillum, Zoho's app suite tailor-made for families, brings together apps for your family to create projects, organize information, and communicate securely.

One space for your family

Apps Included in Zillum

 File Storage
 Office Suite
 Password Manager
file storage

File storage and access, simplified

Create, store, and access your family's important documents—from medical and financial records to your family's cherished pictures and videos—with Zoho WorkDrive. No need to worry about virtual security and privacy: with WorkDrive's enhanced capabilities, you can keep track of all files, activities, and shared access.

File storage and access, simplified
  • WorkDrive
File storage and access, simplified

Stay connected from anywhere

Catch up with your loved ones using Cliq, Zoho's instant messaging app. Even when your family is spread out around the world, you can stay connected through individual or group audio and video calls—all you need is an internet connection.

Stay connected from anywhere
  • Cliq
Stay connected from anywhere
office suite

Creating with your family made enjoyable

Zoho's word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation apps help your family create documents and projects together, collaborate on them, get opinions, and finalize them—all in one place. Manage your file creation from scratch in either your shared family space or private workspace using Zoho's office suite.

Creating with your family made enjoyable
  • Writer
  • Sheet
  • Show
Creating with your family made enjoyable
Creating with your family made enjoyable
Creating with your family made enjoyable
password manager

Let your password woes fly out the window

Be it streaming services, bank accounts, or rental agreements, you can safely manage all your passwords and other sensitive data using Zoho Vault. Sync passwords across all your devices, securely share them with your family, track password security scores, enable multi-factor authentication, and do much more!

Let your password woes fly out the window
  • Vault
Let your password woes fly out the window

With Zillum, you can rest easy knowing that your family is communicating and collaborating the secure way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What applications are part of Zillum?

    Zillum includes:

    • Zoho Mail: email, tasks, notes and calendar
    • Zoho WorkDrive: file storage and management
    • Zoho Cliq: instant messaging and calling
    • Zoho Writer: word processor
    • Zoho Sheet: spreadsheet app
    • Zoho Show: presentation platform
    • Zoho Vault: data and password manager
  • How many people can use Zillum?

    You can choose a Zillum plan for 3, 5, or 10 members according to your family's needs.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes, Zillum comes with a 15-day free trial, after which you have to move to a plan that best suits your family's needs.

  • Who has control over the family's subscription?

    The person who signs up for Zillum will be the default admin and have control over the family's subscription and data.

  • Will all data be shared with the family?

    While Zillum is built for families, any data or documents you decide to keep private will be yours alone, and will not be shared with other users unless you give them access.

  • Will I be able to migrate my data from my existing service?

    Yes, Zillum supports migration for your emails and files. Learn more.

  • I am an existing Zoho user. Can I access Zillum using the same credentials?

    If you are a registered Zoho business user, you cannot use the same credentials to access Zillum. Please sign up using a different email address and contact number.

  • Can Zillum be accessed through mobile?

    Yes, Zillum is available on your mobile phones too. View more details here.

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