What is a family cloud?

Each family member has their own things to store—daily to-dos, cherished memories, sensitive files, and confidential passwords. A family cloud storage solution offers a digital shared family space to securely store digital assets, share them, and quickly get you all together on the same page. The cloud environment makes it easier to stay connected and stay together—even when your family spreads out across the world.

What is a family cloud? family cloud icon family cloud icon
What is a family cloud?

Why is it important to have a Family cloud storage?

One place to store all

Be it treasured memories like your kid's first step, or spreadsheets of your monthly expenses, essay documents, or your Netflix and bank account passwords, you can store them securely all in one shared space.

One place to store all
One place to store all

Organization has never been easier

When physical documents are jumbled and spread out, it can take hours to find and sort them. However, in a family cloud storage, you can quickly organize files and passwords into folders and subfolders and always know where everything is.

Organization has never been easier
Organization has never been easier

Share your files securely with others

Sometimes you can lose track of whom you lent your assignment to or which of your friends is secretly using your Netflix account. But, in a family cloud, you can securely share your files and passwords with great access control, know who has what, and revoke access at your will.

Share your files securely with others
Share your files securely with others

Restore your files quickly

Never worry again about manually saving a file before closing it, because any file in the family cloud will be saved automatically. If you delete an important file by accident, you can recover it easily from the trash of the corresponding folder.

Restore your files quickly
Restore your files quickly

Work together from anywhere

Whether you're pooling photos for an amazing “walk down memory lane” slideshow, or working side by side on a story or a home improvement project, you can share your files with your family members and work on them together, no matter where you are.

Work together from anywhere
Work together from anywhere

How is Zillum helpful as a family cloud?

WorkDrive for
secure file storage

Store and keep track of all files—from medical and financial records to your family's cherished pictures and videos—and share them securely with greater access control. Manage your files on the move with the WorkDrive mobile application. Don't worry about your data—your files are always encrypted.

Vault to store
passwords securely

Manage all of your passwords—streaming services, bank accounts, email accounts— safely with Zoho Vault. Share passwords securely. You can share multiple accounts with your family members with password access for each or by using one-click login. Categorize your passwords, sync them across devices, enable multi-factor authentication, and so much more.

The Zoho office
suite to join forces

Create and manage your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in either your shared family space or private workspace using Zoho's office suite. Zoho's word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications let you work together on your projects, and finalize and publish them from one place.

Doc scanner to
scan and upload files

Use Zillum's built-in doc scanner to scan and flawlessly digitize documents. E-sign your docs, extract text from them, translate them into any of the 17 supported languages, and share or upload them to WorkDrive.

Top-notch security and privacy

security and privacy

Zillum ensures all of your data is encrypted by industry standards and protected at all times. We offer full transparency about the data we collect, and you can be sure that your data will never be shared with third-party sites. You can look at the level of security we offer and privacy policy for more detailed information.

What can you do with a Family cloud?

Create photo and video albums together

What do we do on returning from an awesome family vacation? Share photos. With Zillum's WorkDrive, all of your family members can send the photos they have to one central space from where any of you can view them. Pick the memorable ones and compile an unfading digital album using Show to reminisce whenever you feel like it.

Plan that party expense

You can plan and execute all of your big family gatherings with a little help from everyone. Whip up a spreadsheet, plan expenses for things like the hall, decorative items, food, etc., and share them with your parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles to get their inputs and plan together.

Write whenever inspiration strikes

Inspiration, being tricky, can strike anywhere—in hotel rooms, while taking a walk, or in the middle of a lecture. With Writer, you can write your story, edit your kids' papers, or put your heads together and publish a blog post about your recent trip.

Migrate to your family cloud In just a few steps

Your personal Google Drive to Zillum's WorkDrive

We ardently support you if you wish to keep your sensitive files away from prying eyes. You can export all of your images, docs, presentations, and spreadsheets from your personal Google account using Google Takeout, and import them into Zillum's secure WorkDrive without any difficulty.

Bring your locally stored files to Zillum

Save space in your system by bringing all of the files spread around in local folders into Zillum's one secure digital space. Share your files more easily, always know what you shared with whom, and have more control over your shared files.

Bring your passwords to Zillum's Vault

Whether you’ve stored your passwords in an Excel file, a password manager, or in your browser, you can easily import them all into Zillum's secure cloud. You can import multiple passwords at once and quickly access them from Zillum's Vault. For more information about importing passwords from different sources, click here.

Your family cloud is only a tap away

Your family cloud is only a tap away

Whether you snap a picture, create a document or a new account, store the file or the password quickly in Zillum using mobile applications. Aside from individual applications for each product, such as WorkDrive, Vault, and so on, Zillum also comes with an all-in-one mobile application to launch any app and contextually search across all applications. Download apps here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does cloud storage benefit a family?

    A family cloud offers a digital shared family space to securely store, share, and stay connected from anywhere. You can create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and passwords while maintaining absolute privacy of your account.

  • How do you choose a cloud storage service for your family?

    Because you're going to be storing photos, files, and passwords, the best cloud storage for your family should be light, fast, easy to use, and give you lots of storage for the price you pay. It should be cost-efficient, secured with multi-factor authentication, and keep your personal data private. See Zillum's storage plans here.

  • Is Zillum cloud a safe platform for families?

    Zillum is a super-safe platform for your family to interact, share, and collaborate online. Being secured with industry standard protection, it lets you have tighter control over your data with role-based accesses and restrictions. You can learn more about Zillum's security controls here.

  • How much does Zillum's cloud storage cost?

    You don't have to subscribe separately to Zillum's cloud storage services. All it takes is one subscription to Zillum and you get full access to its cloud storage services along with others. Click here to view Zillum's pricing.

  • Can I save and view files and passwords in Zillum from my mobile device?

    Yes, you can save files and passwords and view them wherever you are with Zillum's mobile application. You get the all-in-one Zillum mobile application as well as individual mobile applications for each product.

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